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I started this blog as a place to write down my observations and thoughts as I live and explore a new culture. But more than that bloggers have helped me in many aspects of my life (budget bloggers, travel bloggers, entrepreneur bloggers) and I wanted to pay it forward. I have learned a lot about teaching in china, traveling and just living the life of my own choosing. I thought I could share my experiences and information and hopefully inspire people as other have done for me.

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The Fat Life in Xiamen

So I wrote about the fit life in Xiamen and how my days are filled with sports and active things. And the logical conclusion to all of this is that I would be super skinny and fit. But that is not at all true because of the other half of my life. I am fortunate … Continue reading »

Posted on 14 April 2015 | 4:17 am

The Fitter Life in China (With my Xiaomi Fitness Bracelet)

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry about getting fit in China. How living in China has made me healthier than I ever was in America and how easy it was to walk 10,000 steps a day. 10,000? Now that seems adorable to me. Soon after I wrote that article my $100 fitbit … Continue reading »

Posted on 10 April 2015 | 10:19 am

Let’s Get Something Straight (aka: what I like about China)

So, just for the record, I want to get something off my chest. I tend to be a positive person. My general life philosophy is keep the good things close, and ruthlessly cut out the bad. (I’m said I’m positive, not kind-hearted.) I maintain this attitude in all aspects of life: guys, job, hobbies, friends. And … Continue reading »

Posted on 7 April 2015 | 3:20 am

Forget Big Brother, Little Sister is Watching

It’s no secret that in China is a bit of a police state.More than 2 million people monitor online activity and block all mention of sensitive topics and forbidden language. People who speak out against the government are silenced, and foreigners are warned to not discuss “the three T’s.” (Tibet, Taiwan, Tiananmen Square.) This fear, … Continue reading »

Posted on 21 March 2015 | 9:36 am

The Pressures of a Culture Not Your Own

Because I’m a foreigner living in China, people often say how lucky I am to not be chinese. They don’t mean it in a negative way, but usually when some pressure is building and they don’t like it. Like, pressure to get married. “You’re so lucky to not be Chinese. I’m only 25 but my … Continue reading »

Posted on 17 March 2015 | 2:52 am

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