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AIED Council is a non-profit that connects educators in the US with their counterparts in China. Their news section features events and coverage of happenings in the Chinese educational sector. Because of their location in New York and office in...

Site Owner: ryanmallen555

Travel photography. Stories of life in China from the viewpoint of a Westerner.

Site Owner: tykeblog

Elvis English is teaching ESL in Lanzhou, China, writing about local information as well as his observations on living in the unquantifiable land of no cheese.

Site Owner: ElvisEnglish

The goal of this website is to assist the managers of our English Schools in China and other similar schools with the problems they encounter day to day. I also hope it can give advice to those wanting to open their own schools in China (...

Teaching English in Beijing, China and blogging our way through the city.

Site Owner: TheBJReviewer

Ramblings by a former physics teacher teaching EFL in Jishou, China

Site Owner: wheatdogg

A teacher, a traveller, an artist, a writer.

A Brit in China tries to a.) successfully lay her hands on her paperwork, b.) pack, c.) actually there and d.) fit in. It could be tricky. Maybe she should have dyed her hair brown instead of...

Site Owner: Slightlynoodles

A blog about teaching English in Hangzhou and about living, and learning, in China.

Site Owner: Schnappi

Thoughts about China, Chinese contemporary art and art education

Site Owner: lguest

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