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Images and tales from an expat photographer living in Asia.

Site Owner: ep

China photo blog from an English Teacher and amateur photographer currently living in Fujian, China. Take a look at my photos from my travels around China.

Site Owner: gibbo85


DEFINITION: A Sinophile (from sino- meaning Chinese [originating through Persian and Sanskrit from Late Latin Sinæ] and -philos meaning loving [from Greek ϕίλος]) is a person who demonstrates a strong interest...

Site Owner: Sinobug

Amateur macrophotography of an Australian living in China.

Site Owner: Sinobug

A photo/teaching blog published by an American teaching and living in Dalian, China. Tips about teaching and photography, the how and why behind photos and insight into life in China.

Site Owner: ehev16

A photo-a-day blog from photographer Noah Sheldon who lives in Shanghai.

Site Owner: noahsheldon

Photography. Most photos are made in China. Galleries include: 360 panorama portraits of Beijing citizens, Architecture, Documentary, Street photography and Stock photography.

The site is optimized for high resolution display.

Site Owner: Chinesense

Portfolio of a Shanghai base food photographer with solid work experience in hospitality industry. She specializes in food photography + styling for restaurants and hotels. She also does creative artwork & illustration for posters, flyers,...

Site Owner: hopscotch

A little photo blog about Tianjin.

Site Owner: morgophoto

Quirky Hong Kong in pictures. Look again.

Site Owner: emiliep

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