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The ultimate goal of my blog is to be a transparent and valuable resource for expats navigating life and love in China, particularly in Beijing. (by michelle)

Site Owner: miguo

Reflections and findings on things that interest me about China.

Site Owner: thischinalife

Personal insights and perspectives of day to day life, lifestyles and changes occurring in China as seen through the eyes of a thirty-something female expat living in Nanjing.

Site Owner: travelforcause

I blog about my daily life in Shanghai and my travels around Asia.

Site Owner: myneonlullaby

Westerner's musings on living in China for a year

Site Owner: tam502003

from canada to china and places beyond // finding the beauty of the crowd
travel photos and cultural theory, all at your fingertips!

Site Owner: soindetail

KARMAlice is blog and my diary too. Here I write about my everyday life, passions, places I visit and people I've meet. On August 29th my life had a twist because I moved to China. Get comfy, grab a cup of coffee and follow me across the far east...

Site Owner: KARMAlice

Personal expat blog of a fellow in Shenzhen. More social and business related, in accordance to my own experiences.

Site Owner: My China Kanfa

-- the slightly irregular saga of an American Catholic teaching English in The Peoples Republic of China (by Ken)

Site Owner: Ken

An Irish student's experience in China.

Site Owner: Sophie Rogan

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