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Information, insight, and opinions about Chinese business, culture, politics, and life.

Site Owner: sbarru

A comprehensive China news aggregate composed of Chinese and Western media outlets.

Site Owner: uschinareport

The China Chatter provides a continuous feed of news and commentary about China and fosters a community of China enthusiasts eager to engage in a conversation about the country’s politics, culture, challenges, successes and more. Expect posts...

Site Owner: thechinachatter

Welcome to the Chinese Dream Project. Use this website as a comprehensive guide for learning about Chinese culture and language. The Chinese Dream Project aims to expand through the submittal of your Chinese-related essays, photos, video, and...

Site Owner: Chinese Dream P...

Sinopathic is a website dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding between the East and the West. Sinopathic asserts that no information is worth knowing about a foreign culture without the proper cultural context. We are dedicated to...

Site Owner: terroir

Collating the best China News from the web in one place and bringing you some of our own. China Brain is a community site for China Business Professionals, Academics, Entrepreneurs and Watchers.

Site Owner: batty5

The Marco Polo Project is an internet platform where Chinese and Western language learners collectively reference and translate Chinese writing.

Site Owner: Julien Leyre

My take on all things Chinese (by Matt On China)

Site Owner: mattonchina

A sip of coffee, not too black, not too hot and always premium java. Absolute cynicism, served chilled with particular emphasis on western hypocrisy on all things Chinese.

Site Owner: thatcher

Numerous stories updated daily about China. Current events, business, politics, economics, culture and society. Everything you need from sources in China and all over the world.

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