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Membership Guidelines

The China Blog Network (CBN) has been created to facilitate interconnectivity between a wide range of Web sites and people with one common theme - China. To assure professional, high-level interaction and to foster community participation, the following guidelines have been created. All members of the CBN are required to adhere to these guidelines.

Should it be necessary, ChinaBlogNetwork.com reserves the right to enforce compliance with these policies. Violators will be warned, and in the case of continued or mass violations, membership may be revoked. Use of this Web site or completion of the account registration process indicates your agreement to these guidelines.

The China Blog Network Membership Guidelines are:

We're China focused, and so must you be.

This site is designed for blogs about China. We will attempt to be as inclusive as possible, but will not accept membership of sites that do not illustrate some connection to China.

The primary language of the blog should be English

We don't particularly like this one, as we want to be as inclusive as possible, but at the moment we need to limit submitted sites to only sites in English. We're working hard on expanding this though and should be allowing different languages soon. By primary language we mean that the blog is intended for an English-speaking audience. If you blog, for instance, is for English speakers learning Chinese and chunks of it are, obviously, in Chinese, that's fine.


While we are a "blog" network, the lines between "blog" and "non-blog" can sometimes blur and we respect that. We will not, however, admit any sites to the CBN that contain primarily product or service related information. If you are a company selling a product or service, but operate a blog on your site -- submit a link directly to your blog.

Show respect.

In addition to the blog listings, the CBN operates a forum designed for the community to interact and share information on a variety of topics. You don't have to agree with everything that is said, but you do have to respect everyone's right to their opinion. This means no personal attacks, threats, or flames of any kind.

The Final word.

We appreciate the contributions of all members, but reserve the right to freely moderate any part of this site should it be deemed necessary. While weo will attempt to give as much notice and explanation as possible when dealing with conflicts or lack of adherence to these guidelines, CBN reserves the right to terminate any CBN membership without notice -- including the removal of site listings, profiles and forum posts.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us.

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