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Provide useful school and major news, interesting Chinese culture and language, Chinese city guide.

Site Owner: cucaszhang

Life studying in Shantou University

Site Owner: Sophierogan

The blog of an American student who set out to learn Chinese and wound up living, dreaming and breathing it.

Site Owner: sinosophie88

Join my on my journey to get fluent in Mandarin Chinese!

Site Owner: danpoole08

Learning Hakka, Cantonese and Mandarin off current knowledge - specifically dedicated to South African born Chinese. A series of hints and tips to accelerate and refresh basic Chinese inherently picked up from home and informal education.

Site Owner: DJSHIN

Chineselearners the online chinese language site for people on a chinese course, language school, or those who study chinese or learn mandarin.

Site Owner: xiaomo

Exploring and reviewing all the Chinese podcasts available; learn Chinese podcasts, Chinese language podcasts, English podcasts about China.

Site Owner: chinesepodcasts

Blog about studying Chinese at LTL Mandarin School.

Site Owner: zhouhaochen

This diary is written from the perspective of a couple of kids who are learning Mandarin Chinese in a special boarding school. Main audience is children and teenagers.

Site Owner: xLngLabs

A journey of linguistic and personal growth as a white-on-the-outside/yellow-on-the-inside Canadian embarks upon a mission to gain proficiency in Mandarin. Journey begun September 2012.

Site Owner: Danji_x

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