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A Canadian watching China.
From Japan.

Site Owner: 1rick

ChinaLulz is a tabloid column where you can find funny and interesting articles translated from various Chinese news sites and forums.

Site Owner: Ministry of Tofu

Translated articles and in-depth analysis on China-related topics.

Site Owner: Ministry of Tofu

Chinese Buddhism (as well as Taoism and Confucianism) explained, especially for the Western Christian mind. An exploration of what unites Buddhism (and Eastern thought) to other more Western religions, rather than what separates them. Yes, this...

Site Owner: haojies

The journey to China, of a man from America. Along the way, he found the woman of his dreams, and finding the process difficult and complicated; he decided to blog the step by step procedures of engagement and marriage, which is far more...

Site Owner: feisnik

Strange Tales from a Modern Chinese Studio follows in the spirit (狐狸

Site Owner: yangningjie

I am Martin L. Stearns, PhD. I am currently completing a massive indictment of American Imperialism. The consequences of American Imperialism speak for themselves: 100 million dead in World War II, all in the name of $1 hamburgers and car...

Site Owner: martinlstearns

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