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Attempts to eat locally, marginally successful efforts at cooking Western food in a Chinese hotel room, solo excursions in Shanghai and general missives about the people and places around me.

Site Owner: MissIves

Since 2005, Ben has been living and learning about how various Asian countries live a healthy lifestyle through traditions. Top discussions include: "Oily Chinese Food Debate", "White or Brown rice?", and "understanding the World of Chinese New...

Site Owner: Usbenji

Chinese tea, teaware, Chinese design, and a life steeped in tea in Beijing's traditional hutong neighborhoods. We highlight the historical and cultural elements that make Chinese tea and teaware so unique, take people along on our journeys...

Site Owner: Tranquil Tuesdays

Follow Richard and Kerstin on The Savoury Road.

Site Owner: wendlegee

Food blogging in Shanghai. Sharing dining experience, home-cooked recipes, food events, chinese cuisine and food photography

Site Owner: hopscotch

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