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A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai

This is a blog about the minutiae of daily life in Shanghai- the streets, the people, the food, the oddities, the unexpected. It is a combination of surreptitious mobile phone photography and observational writing. It has been known to be both funny and moving at the same time.

Site Owner: koangirl

Most Recent Posts from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai

Do Shared Memories Still Exist if One Party is Trying Really Hard to Forget?: Notes on Losing 5 Years of Travel

    This one has been worming its way through my head for about a week or two now. It’s a tricky one, one I can’t quite articulate without giving...

Posted on 24 January 2015 | 8:13 am

10 Practical Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Move to Hanoi With Your Baby

Last week, I adamantly insisted that Vietnam- or, more specifically, Hanoi- was the place to be if you have a small urchin to care for. Because reasons. Lots of very...

Posted on 23 December 2014 | 6:02 am

You Should Definitely Move to Vietnam With Your Baby

I’m going to preface this by noting and underlining the fact that I am an unreliable narrator. I’m also a barefaced liar (intermittently) who is concurrently preparing a post arguing...

Posted on 21 December 2014 | 5:39 am

Tiny Notes From Hanoi: It’s Like Downton Abbey, Except Different

We have a house, people. A whole house to ourselves, partway down a narrow scooter-wide lane, off a side street, a block from the lake. After two months of living...

Posted on 11 November 2014 | 7:44 am

Tiny Notes From Hanoi: Everything is Amazing When You Leave Your Phone at Home

  Yesterday I left my phone in the hotel room when I went out with Thwack strapped to my front. We were just popping out for a moment to hunt...

Posted on 29 October 2014 | 12:28 pm

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