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About China Blog Network

The China Blog Network (CBN) is a way for blogs about China to connect to one another and for readers to discover new sources of China-related content. All blogs in the network are joined via a Webring whereby visitors of one CBN blog can navigate to a new CBN blog with a single click on the China Blog Network Widget.

The CBN was created in 2008, and until 2010 it resided at LostLaowai.com. In 2010 the CBN's functionality was greatly expanded, and it moved to its own domain.

If you have a China-centric blog, please be sure to join the China Blog Network and add the CBN Widget to your blog. Currently we are only accepting sites that are primarily in English, but we may open this up to additional languages eventually. Membership is moderated to assure quality and relevance. Please review our membership guidelines for details on whether your site qualifies.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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